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Name: Frederic Ntedika Mvumbi, OP


Nationality: Congolese (D.R Congo)

Date of birth: May 2nd 1964

Current Contact Address:

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Kisumu campus, P.O. Box 1580,

40100, Kisumu, Kenya

Tel. No.2024202, Mobile no. +254-735421272+254-735421272

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Mvumbi F.N is the Director - CUEA Kisumu Campus and Professor of Humanities and Social Sciernces. He is a Distinguished Scholar of the year-2011, External Examiner at Kenyatta University from 2010, Resource person (Religions and Islamic Studies) of  the Commission for University Education, Kenya, from 2010, Senior Lecturer from 2008, Visiting Lecturer, -Saint Paul’s University (2008-2009), & –The Catholic University of Kinshasa (from 2008…)


University Education

Degree Conferred and Date: PhD, 17th November, 2001

Area of Specialization
: Islamic studies

: University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Thesis Title
: Christological Issues in the Qur’an. From the Perspective of the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas

Degree conferred and date: Maters in Comparative Religions, 1996

Institution: University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Thesis Title: Monotheism. It’s Development in Early Islam

Degree Conferred and date: Bachelor of Theology, (Arts) First Class Honors’, July 1994

Institution: The Catholic University of Kinshasa

Thesis Title: Le séjour des Papes en Avignon.  Une étude historique (Trans. The Sojourn of Popes         in Avignon: A Historical study)

Degree Conferred and date: Bachelor of Philosophy, (Arts) Second Class Honours, Upper-Division, July 1990

Institution: The Catholic University of Kinshasa

Thesis title: L’Ordre du Desordre and le Desordre de l’Ordre chez Edgar Morin (Trans. The Order of the Disorder and the Disorder of the Order in Edgar Morin’s philosophy of Nature

Certificate in Arabic and Qur’anic Exegesis, 2001

Institution: Dar Comboni Institute, Cairo, Egypt

Secondary School Education

Diplome D’état (equivalent to KACE), 1988

School: Institut Boma Mungu, DR. Congo: 1987-1988


Present Employment

Employer: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa


The Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Kisumu campus, P.O. Box 1580,

40100, Kisumu, Kenya -Tel. No.2024202,

Director of Kisumu Campus-CUEA, 2014-

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences-CUEA, 2010- February 2014

Head of Department, Religious Studies-CUEA, 2006-2010


Associate Professor, 2013

Senior Lecturer, since May 2008 (Kenya)

Lecturer: 1st March 2005 – 30th April 2008 (In Nigeria and Kenya)

Tutorial fellow: August 2002 – March 2005 (In Nigeria)

Graduate Assistant: August 1996 – December 1998 (in Nigeria)

Department: Religious Studies

University Teaching, Supervision and Examination

I have taught and examined the following Courses so far:

                                          University Teaching

Department of Religious Studies, CUEA

1st Year Course: Introduction to Islam, Church History, Critical Thinking

2nd Year Courses: Belief system in Africa, Philosophy of Religion, Church History II,

Comparative Religion, Phenomenology of Religion

3rd Year Course: Sociology of Religion, Christology, Ecumenism (CUEA) and Islamic

Philosophy (The Catholic University of Kinshasa, Masters Courses: Research

Methodology, History and Sources of Islam, Islamic Theology, Phenomenology of

Religion, History of Islam in East Africa (CUEA and at St. Paul’s University, Limuru) and

Qur’anic Arabic (St. Paul’s University, Limuru)

PhD Courses: (1) Principles of Interreligious Dialogue, (2) Studies in the Qur’an/ Hadith,

Research Methodology, Enculturation (CUEA)

Department of Development Studies

4th Year Course: SDS 403: Ethics in development

Masters Course: MDS 500 Research methodology

Faculty of Education

Doctoral Course: ED 701 Patristic Education

                                       Postgraduate supervision

Ongoing supervision:


JANE MUKUHA (PhD/ RS/ 028/ 05/06, Topic: Marriage and Family: a Threatened Institution in the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, Kenya

Joyce Mulandi, THE ROLE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION A search for a New Paradigm of Evangelization in Nairobi Archdiocese, Kenya

ZIPPORAH N. MAGAKI (1018434), Evaluation of Primary Schools Infrastructure Investment Programme In Nyamira County, Kenya

KARURI PAUL NYAGA (1019727) Towards an Environmental Ethics: With Special reference To Bernard Lonergan”.

LANOI PARMUAT, (1021212), The Contribution of free Pentecostal fellowship on FGM Phenomenon: A Case of Masai of Kajiado County, Kenya.


DORCAS J. CHELAGAT (1020220), Impact of New Religious Movements on the Socio-Economic Life of Christians: A Case of Evangelical Churches, UASIN GISHU County, Eldoret Town, Kenya.




SAMBU ALICE (1013815) Christian-Muslim Attitude among Students in Primary Teachers Colleges.  A Case study of  Nyanza Province Colleges, Kenya, CUEA

LUKANGA ANDREW (1010464) Towards a study of Violence in Religion: A survey of Causes and challenges in Christianity and Islam, CUEA


MARY MBACI (Med/ 133/ 07/08 ): Effects of Cultural Practices on Primary School Adolescent Girls: Formal Education in East Pokot District, CUEA

BUKHALA JIM BULEMI (1008970): Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Performance in National Technical Examinations in Selected Technical Institutions in Western Province, CUEA


NABANGALA ROSE MARUTI (MA/RS/278/06/07) : A Holistic Rebirth of Kesongon Women: Christianity Versus Traditional Religion.  A Case Study of Kesogon Area in Trans-Nzoia District, CUEA

MICHAEL ELVIS MUSHILA CHIMFWENBE (Reg No?): Towards a Christian Response to the Challenges  Of Drug Abuse and Addiction Among the Unemployed Youth: A Case of Lusaka, Zambia, CUEA


ROSALINE CHEPGNETICH (MA/RS/276/05/06): Temporary Separation and Divorce Among the Nandi People: A Critical Analysis of the Current Causes, Attitudes and Consequences

OUMA EMMANUEL PASCAL: Causes and Effects of Division in African Independent Churches in Kenya: A Case Study of Upper Nyakach Division (Year?), CUEA


JAMES KIRAITHE (MA/RS/244/04/05): The Impact of Christianity and Islam on the Ameru Traditional Way of Life: A Comparative Analysis (2005), CUEA



JOHN PETER BWIRE (PhD) topic: economic empowerment of Muslim women

through microfinance in Kamukunji constituency: (1992-2010)


FEDHA FLORA,(1014588) Effectiveness of Decentralized  Education Bursary Fund in Enhancing Equity in access and Participation in Public Secondary Schools in Kajiado  County, Kenya.

JOSEPH MUTEI (1015864) The Challenges Facing the Practice of Polygamy among the Muslims in Kenya


KABETA CHARLES SIANGA (1004251), the Role of the African Traditional Culture in Promotion of Consecrated Religious Life in Africa.  A Case study of the Clergy, and Consecrated Men and Women in Langata, Nairobi


MARY KATHAMBI KINOTI (1010465): The Response of Faith Based Organizations to the spiritual and psychosocial needs of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya


PATRICK MARY EZEONU CFM (PHD/RS/023/04/05): An Evaluation of the Implementation of Catholic Social Doctrine on Social Justice in Onitsha Archdiocese, Nigeria, CUEA

LUCY KIMARO (PhD/RS/029/06): The Promotion of Christian-Muslim Dialogue Through Religious Education in Secondary Schools: A Case Study of Moshi Diocese, CUEA


PAUL MULWA KYALO (PhD/RS/021/03): The Practice of Divorce (at-Talaq) in Islamic Law: The Case of the Akamba of Kitui, Kenya, CUEA

HONGOLI POLYCARP AIDAN (PhD/RS/031/06/07), Evaluating Inculturation in Benedictine Missions of Njombe Catholic Diocese in Southern Tanzania, CUEA

LUWEREKERA BERNARD (1009215), Faith-Based Organizations and their Legacy to Uganda’s Social Economic Development: A Case of Aga Khan Foundation and the World Vision’s Community base Development Initiatives in Masaka and Kampala Districts (1986 to date), CUEA     

c. External Examiner

 St. Paul’s University, Limuru

Kenyatta University, Nairobi


Dean of Studies for Dominican Students in Africa: 2003 – 2008

Teaching: 1999 – to date

Catholic Priest, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya

Head of Department, Religious Studies

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Formator (Dominican House, Karen)     2005 -Up-to-date

Superior at Saint Dominic’s House, Masai Lane, Karen

Director o Kisumu Campus, CUEA


1998 – 2000: University of Ibadan, Nigeria.(Department of Religious Studies)

1998 –1999, 2002-2004:  Dominican Institute of philosophy and Theology,

Ibadan, Nigeria

2001 – Up-to-date: The Catholic University of Kinshasa (D.R. Congo) –Visiting Lecturer.

2002 – 2004: The Baptist College of Theology-Ogbomosho, Nigeria

2002 - 2004.  Major Seminary All Saints, Ekpoma, Nigeria.

2005 – 2009: Tangaza College (Nairobi)

2005 – Up-to-date: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)


Institut de Missiologie Missio e. V.( Germany). (Two Times)

Grants for publication of three Books (Mission and Porticus)


1994-Up-to-date: A member of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), from1994-

1999-2006: A member of the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies (Cairo)

2003-Up-to-date: A member of the Interreligious Dialogue in the Dominican   


2005-2007: Counselor for Intellectual life in Africa (Order of Preachers).

2008-Up-to-date: Member of the Vatican Catholic-Muslim commission

2011: Distinguished Scholar of the Year 2011, CUEA



1. “Nigéria: en perspective de la rencontre avec l'Islam", Actualité Dominicaine

     au Zaire, (Kinshasa), 1996.

2.  “Salvation of Christians and Muslims: Views of both sides” in Skepticos, 1996

3. "The possibility of Salvation, a Christian and Muslim assessment", in Skepticos,1997.

4. “Guidelines for Dialogue. Recognition of values in Non-Christian Religions”,

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5. Islamic ambivalence in training for interreligious dialogue, in Training for

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9. “The Phenomenon of Independent preachers in Christianity and Islam: A

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10. “Islam from within: A review of New Islamic Movements in Africa” in

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11. Revisiting the Principles of Dialogue for comprehensive Quality Assurance in African Universities in Catholic Higher Education in Africa for the 21st century, CUEA 2008

12. “Insight into Shar’ia. A Concise Study of Islamic Law in Africa” in African

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13. The Nature of natural law in Islam. A Hidden but efficient principle in natural Law insearch of Common denominator…, CUEA 2010

14. David Lutz and Frederic Ntedika Mvumbi, Alleviating African Poverty within the Catholic and Islamic Traditions in Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities and Sciences, CUEA, 2011

15. Auf der Suche nach einer Basis fur den inter-religiosen Dialog im subsaharischem

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16. When the church Fathers speak of Education. A reflection on the Tertiary Education

      In Africa Education in International Journal of Education and Research Vol. 1 No. 8,

August, 2013


1.  Journey Into Islam, An attempt to Awaken Christians in Africa, Nairobi, Pauline’s 2006

2.  The Identity of Christ in Islam.  From the Perspective of Thomas Aquinas, Nairobi,

     Pauline’s, 2008

3. Interfaith Dialogue: Towards A Culture Of Working Together, CUEA Press,    2009 (Editor)

4. Catholic Higher Education in Africa for the 21st Century.  Proceedings of a conference held in

    May 2008 at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi – Kenya, CUEA Press, 2012, (Editor)

5. Beyond Religious Tradition. From Philosophy of Religion to Comparative Study of Religion In Africa, Nairobi, CUEA Press, 2013


1. What is Islam for Christians in Nigeria, Warri Diocese, 1999

2. Islam in Dialogue with Christianity. (Central Republic of Africa), Bangui, 2000

3. Revisiting Philosophical and theological Curricula in Catholic Institutions in    Africa,

    organized by Missio in Kumasi, Ghana, 2001

4. Interfaith Dialogue. Joint congress of the University of Santo Tomas (Manila) and

   Assumption University (Bangkok), Bangkok., 2002

5. Theology in context, Manila, The Philippines, 2003.

6. Where is Islam going? , Rome, 2005

7. Interfaith Dialogue: Towards a culture of Working together, CUEA, May 2008

8. God of Peace and Justice, Vatican, June 2008

9. Catholic Higher Education in Africa for the 21st century, 2009

10. The role of the Church in enhancing Education, 2011


                        * Assistant Chaplain, Kikuyu Campus, University of Nairobi, from 2008

                        *Assistant Chaplain, Thogotho College of Education, from 2010



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Prof. Frederic Ntedika Mvumbi, O.P

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