From Philosophy of Religious Comparative. Study of Religion in Africa

“No theologian can be taken seriously, even if he is a great Christian and a very learned man, when his works prove that he does not take
philosophy seriously (Paul Tillich)

“I have been studying how to compare this prison where I live unto the world: and for because the world is populous and here is not a creature but myself, I cannot do it; yet I will hammer it out” (Shakespeare)

This is a book from which students in philosophy and comparative religion and other readers will learn that religion ought to be understood and lived; these two activities should be taken concomitantly. Hence, studying or examining religions is not an optional enterprise for man but an unavoidable project that shapes the mind of the student in Religion, the believer and all friends of religion because when religion is thought comprehensively and critically, it lifts the person to get to a more cultured perspective that questions what is taken for granted and what comes from everyday experience. First, as a critical study of religion, philosophy of Religion reflects, interprets, and explains religion; it analyses the truth-claims and brings out the logical consistency of religious beliefs.  Secondly, as we encounter different religions, we cannot but compare the tenets of each religion for suitable assessment and more importantly for a fruitful interreligious dialogue. In Africa, African Traditional Religion, Christianity and Islam must dialogue for a peaceful coexistence among believers.

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