The New Priest - Curriculum Vitae

1. Civil Data

Name: Frederic Ntedika Mvumbi  

Date of birth: 2nd may 1964  

Place of birth: Tshela, Bas-Congo Nationality: Congolese (D.R Congo)
Civil Status
: Celibate Catholic Priest
Languages Spoken: Kikongo and Lingala, French, English, Arabic, .


2. Religious Data


1988-1993: Seminarian of the Diocese of Boma (D.R. Congo)
Order of Preachers (Dominican)

1993 – Up-to-date: Order of Preachers (Dominican)
1993-1994: Novitiate
1994: First Vows
2000 : Perpetual Vows
2000: Ordained Deacon
2001: Ordained Priest

 3. Current Academic Status




4. Education

Philosophy: 1988-1991 B. Ph (Major Seminary Abbe Ngindi, Boma –D.R. Congo)
Theology: 1992-1994 STB (Major Seminary Mayidi) –D.R. Congo
Religions Studies: 1995 - 1997 M.A in Comparative Religion
Islamic Studies: 1997 - 2001 PhD. In Islamics
Arabic Studies:1999 -2001 Certificate in Modern Standard Arabicand Qur’anic exegesis , Dar Comboni, Cairo.

 5. Work Experience

Dean of Studies for Dominican Students in Africa: 2003 - 2008
Formator (Dominican House, Karen) 2005 -Up-to-date

 6. Administrative Experience

 Dean Facuty of Arts and Social Sciences: 2009 - up-to-date

Head of the Department of Religious Studies: 2007- 2009

 7. Teaching Experience

1998 – 2000: University of Ibadan, Nigeria.(Department of Religious Studies)
1998 –1999, 2002-2004: Dominican Institute of philosophy and Theology, Ibadan, Nigeria
2001 – Up-to-date: The Catholic University of Kinshasa (Facultes Catholiques de Kinshasa).(D.R. Congo) –Visiting Lecturer.
2002 – 2004: The Baptist College of Theology-Ogbomosho, Nigeria
2002 - 2004. Major Seminary All Saints, Ekpoma, Nigeria.
2005 – Up-to-date: Tangaza College (Nairobi)
2005 – Up-to-date: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)

8. Scholarship, Fellowship and Prizes (in respect of undergraduate and postgraduate work only)

Institut de Missiologie Missio e. V.( Germany). (Two Times)

9. Honors, distinctions

1994-Up-to-date: A member of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans)
1999-2006: A member of the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies (Cairo)
2003-Up-to-date: A member of the Interreligious Dialogue in the Dominican Order
2005-2007: Counselor for Intellectual life in Africa (Order of Preachers).
2008-Up-to-date: Member of the Vatican Catholic-Muslim commission

10. Research

Dissertations and theses

1989: Le dialogue de l'Ordre et du Désordre comme nouveau principe du Cosmos, B.Ph.
1993: Le séjour des Papes en Avignon. Une étude historique, STB.
1996: Monotheism, its implications in early Islam, M.A. thesis in Religious
Studies M.A
2000: Christological Issues in the Qur`an. From the perspective of the Summa
Theologiae, PhD
2001: Sociology of Islam in Africa, Cairo.



  1. “Nigéria: en perspective de la rencontre avec l'Islam", Actualité Dominicaine au Zaire, (Kinshasa), 1996. 
  2.  “Salvation of Christians and Muslims: Views of both sides” in Skepticos, 1996 
  3. "The possibility of Salvation, a Christian and Muslim assessment", in Skepticos, 1997. 
  4. “Guidelines for Dialogue. Recognition of values in Non-Christian Religions”, in Training for interreligious dialogue, 2003
  5. Islamic ambivalence in training for interreligious dialogue, in Training for interreligious dialogue 2003 
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  7. “Preaching with Islam in mind. Thomas Aquinas: a Model., in Preaching in Contemporary Nigeria, 2003 
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  9. “The Phenomenon of Independent preachers in Christianity and Islam: A blessing or a curse to Interreligious Dialogue” in African Christian Studies, CUEA, 2006 
  10. “Islam from within: A review of New Islamic Movements in Africa” in African Christian Studies, CUEA, 2007 
  11. “Insight into Shar’ia. A Concise Study of Islamic Law in Africa” in African Christian Studies, CUEA, 2009 


  1. Journey Into Islam, An attempt to Awaken Christians in Africa, 2006 
  2. The Identity of Christ in Islam. From the Perspective of Thomas Aquinas, 2008 
  3. Interfaith Dialogue: Towards a Culture of Working together, CUEA, 2009(Editor)

Major Conferences attended with papers read


  1. What is Islam for Christians in Nigeria, Warri Diocese, 1999 
  2. Islam in Dialogue with Christianity. (Central Republic of Africa), Bangui, 2000
  3. Revisiting Philosophical and theological Curricula in Catholic Institutions in Africa, organized by Missio in Kumasi, Ghana, 2001
  4. Interfaith Dialogue. Joint congress of the University of Santo Tomas (Manila) and Assumption University (Bangkok), Bangkok., 2002
  5. Theology in context, Manila, The Philippines, 2003. 
  6. Where is Islam going? , Rome, 2005 
  7. Interfaith Dialogue: Towards a culture of Working together, CUEA, May 2008 
  8. God of Peace and Justice, Vatican, June 2008

Office Contacts

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Kisumu Campus

P.O. Box 1280 -40100,

Kisumu -Kenya

Tel. No.2024202 

Personal Contacts

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